Monday, 25 October 2010

27 November: bringing it all together

See below for a message from the organisers of the Coalition of Resistance conference (Saturday 27 November, 10am-5pm, central London). The coalition was launched in August following the publication of a statement from Tony Benn and many others, calling for a broad-based coalition of resistance to cuts and privatisation.

'The conference is filling up and it is important for people to book places now. We have managed to aquire extra space for the conference and there will be a wide range of workshops and plenary sessions.

One of the largest will be on organising against the cuts in your locality and we will be hearing from many of the new anti-cuts groups springing up around the country.

Also there will be sessions on defending the welfare state, working with the unions, states of inequality, analysing the crisis and debating the alternatives and many others. A full list of speakers and sessions will be sent out shortly.

How you can help

We have just acquired some office space and are asking for volunteers to help us build the conference and help with the website. Please contact us if you can spare some time.

Please send us a small donation. We have a paypal facility on the website or just send a cheque made out to the 'Coalition of Resistance' to our address. Any money received will help us develop the campaign.

Join your local anti-cuts group and please send our website reports and photos of all your activity. If you need help setting up a group in your area please contact us and we will try and put you into contact with others close to you.'


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