Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Coalition of Resistance: Newcastle public meeting to unite opponents of ConDem cuts

I'm helping organise next week's big anti-cuts public meeting in Newcastle. Here's the info we're circulating: if you're local, please spread the word about the meeting.

'A public forum on Wednesday 3 November, 'Challenging the cuts consensus: there is an alternative', will seek to unite local campaigners, trade unionists, students and others in opposition to the savage cuts announced this week.

As the title suggests, we will be challenging the myths about the supposed 'need' for cuts - and outlining the alternatives.

Clare Williams (chair, Northern Public Services Alliance), Maddy Nettleship (Unison activist and health worker), Shirley Ford (regional co-ordinator, Green Party), Steve Brown (regional secretary, Labour Representation Committee) and Rowan Rheingans (Newcastle Free Education Network) will all be speaking.

We expect a representative of the PCS union to confirm they will be speaking. The meeting will be chaired by Tony Dowling, Coalition of Resistance activist and NUT branch officer.

The meeting is at Newcastle Arts Centre, Westgate Road, about 3 minutes' walk from Central Station. It's on Wednesday 3 November, starting at 7pm.

It will be broad-based and is open to all. We want as wide a range of people and groups to be involved, so please spread the word and invite others to be there.

As well as an important local event in its own right, this is part of the process building towards the national conference of Coalition of Resistance, in central London on 27 November. There will be registration forms for the national conference at the meeting, or you can register via the Coalition of Resistance website.

The Coalition of Resistance is a broad alliance, launched after a statement issued by Tony Benn in August. It was responsible for organising the 5000-strong rally at Downing Street on Wednesday, addressed by Mark Serwotka, Caroline Lucas, Rev Jesse Jackson and many others.

Admission to the public meeting is free. We will be having a financial appeal on the night, if you would like to make a contribution to campaigning activities in the weeks ahead. But most importantly, please be there - and invite others too.'

Phone: 07531 977 128


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