Friday, 5 October 2012

200,000 reasons to march on 20 October

Tony Dowling's letter was published in regional daily paper the Journal this week. I think it deserves sharing.
Dear Editor,
Your shocking report that around around 200,000 children in the region are now existing in severely poverty-stricken conditions, without enough food to eat or clothes to keep warm ( ‘ Children in the North East trapped in grip of poverty’, Journal 29th September) is a damning indictment of the austerity measures being pursued by the Tory-led coalition government.

We are in the midst of a double-dip recession & despite the savage cuts agenda promoted by the government the deficit is rising, not falling. And there are few economic commentators who do not agree that chancellor George Osborne’s economic strategy is failing.

Austerity has led to a vicious circle of decline. It is clear we are NOT “all in it together”, and it is our children and the most vulnerable who are suffering most.

But there IS an alternative. An alternative of investment not cuts.

Rather than deep spending cuts, we need to stop the cuts, reverse our decline and build an economy that works for ordinary families. Investment would support welfare; develop homes, schools, and hospitals; and foster a green approach to public spending – investing in renewable energy and public transport and creating jobs.

The TUC’s “A Future That Works” march in London on Saturday 20th October will be an opportunity for everyone to demonstrate the support for such an alternative. Every single child living in poverty under the Tory-led coalition is a reason to join that march.

The Coalition of Resistance is organising coach transport to London on 20th October. If you would like to join us email:

Yours faithfully,

Tony Dowling

Chair, Coalition of Resistance – Tyne & Wear


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