Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Tory assault on education - Newcastle event

The Tory assault on education: what's going on, and what is the alternative? - with John Westmoreland

Tuesday 6 November, 6.30pm

Settle Down Cafe, 62 Thornton Street, Newcastle upon Tyne:

Tory education secretary Michael Gove is determined to shift our education system in the wrong direction. From the massive escalation of the academies programme to the planned abolition of GCSEs, from the attacks on teachers' pay and pensions to a narrow right-wing vision of learning, Gove's project is generating a range of contentious political issues.

Wht lies behind this project, and where is it going? John Westmoreland, UCU activist and a lecturer at York College, will discuss the current attacks we face in education and put them in the context of this government's austerity drive. He will also consider what we can promote as an alternative vision of education and learning. What should we be fighting for?

There will be time for questions and discussion. Entry is free and the meeting, organised by Newcastle Counterfire, is open to all - no prior booking necessary. Tea, coffee and cake are available from 6pm. Please visit the Facebook event page for further details.


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