Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cairo Conference 2011: Long Live the Arab Revolution

Tunisia started the revolutionary wave
I'm flying to Cairo in the early hours of Thursday morning for the international solidarity conference.

We'll be discussing some rather big issues, as indicated by the conference timetable below.

See HERE for details of the follow-up meeting I'll be speaking at in Newcastle.  

Friday 03/06/2011

6-7pm Registration
7-9pm Opening session

Saturday 04/06/2011

10-12am The Arab revolutions and democracy
12-1pm Break
1-3pm Challenges that face the revolution in Egypt and Tunisia
3-4pm Break
4-6pm The role of social movements and its future under the revolution
6-7pm Break
7-9pm Arab revolutions on the rise (Libya - Yemen - Jordan - Syria)

Sunday 06/05/2011

10-12am Arab revolutions and imperialism
12-1pm Break
1-3pm Arab revolutions and the Arab-Zionist conflict
3-4pm Break
4-5pm Final session
7-9pm Concert


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