Sunday, 1 May 2011

Cairo calling: a revolutionary summit in a revolutionary year

Long Live the Arab Revolution - Invitation

The undersigning forces cordially invite all the anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist and pro-political freedom and social justice movements and currents, as well as all the independent activists, from Egypt, the Arab countries and the whole world to participate in the “Long Live the Arab Revolution” conference which will be held from 3 to 5 June 2011 in celebration of the Egyptian Revolution, and in support of the Arab revolutions.

The conference will discuss a number of key issues including: dilemmas and achievements of the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions, the future and contradictions of the current wave of Arab revolutions, the relation between the Arab revolution and imperialism and Zionism, Arab revolutions in the general framework of democratic struggles historically and internationally, Arab revolution and the struggle against neo-liberalism and capitalist globalization.

Socialist People's Alliance Party - Democratic Labour Party - the Renewal Socialist Movement - The Revolutionary Socialists - Hesham Mubarak Law Center - Coalition of lotus Revolution - the People's Committees for Defense of the Revolution - The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights - the Defend Committee for right to work - the Alliance of Revolution’s Workers - General Union for the pensioners - the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions - General Trade Union of Labor ministry workers in Giza

For registration and follow up, please contact:
Telephone: 002 012 356 7772

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