Sunday, 5 December 2010

After the conference: what next for Coalition of Resistance?

See my report of last weekend's Coalition of Resistance conference. This is via Coalition of Resistance circular:

Demonstrate on 9 December

Parliament votes on the tuition fee rises on Thursday 9 December. CoR is supporting the call for walkouts and a mass demonstration to Kettle the Con-Dems in Parliament. Assemble: 12 noon, University of London Union.

Build Student Assemblies

The ULU-based London Student Assembly, with weekly meetings of a hundred-plus students from colleges across London, has become the democratic expression of the student revolt in the capital. This is a brilliant model. We need Student Assemblies in every major town, and a National Student Assembly early in the New Year.

Occupy against the cuts

Students are occupying 32 colleges against the cuts. CoR is supporting the wave of student occupations, and encouraging local anti-cuts groups to stage street protests and occupations of town halls when councils meet to impose cuts. The Con-Dems have no democratic mandate for the cuts. The direct democracy of direct action is a moral right.

Build CoR groups

Where anti-cuts groups already exist, get them to affiliate to CoR. Where they do not exist, set them up. And we need individual membership to raise money or we cannot function. Visit the Coalition of Resistance site.

Prepare for February Week of Action

CoR is calling for a week of meetings, protests, and direct action that will unite students, workers, and campaigners in localities across Britain. More details to follow - please check the site.

Prepare for 26 March TUC Demonstration

The aim should be to make this one of the biggest demonstrations ever seen, and the launch-pad for moving the resistance onto a new level.

Can you help with the Coalition of Resistance website?

Can you provide us with a dedicated web server? Can you update the content on the site (knowledge of Wordpress required)? Please contact us if you can help.

Join or Affiliate to the Coalition of Resistance - see the website


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