Monday, 6 December 2010

Day X in Newcastle: unite our forces on 9 December

Marching in Newcastle on 24 November
A very good student general assembly in Newcastle yesterday (Sunday) - hosted and organised by the Newcastle University Occupation, but open to all - agreed plans for this Thursday, day of the debate and vote on fees increases in Parliament.

Around 80 people were there, including representatives of UCU, Unison, Coalition of Resistance and Public Services Alliance, as well as lecturers, university students and also students from a number of colleges and schools.

Roughly speaking this is the plan:

Midday: assemble at Grey's Monument for a march through Newcastle city centre (hopefully similar to last Tuesday's march)

Around 2pm onwards: live music. probably with some speeches, at Grey's Monument

4.30pm: assemble outside Civic Centre for mass public rally starting at 5pm (it's a LibDem council).

The 5pm regional rally will be big and broad. It is backed by Coalition of Resistance, and probably by Public Services Alliance, Unison and UCU (await confirmation for these). There will be trade union and anti-cuts coalition speakers alongside school, college and university students on the platform. The students unions of Newcastle and Northumbria Universities are being invited to back the event.

The afternoon is likely to be dominated by school, college and uni students, with them being joined by trade unionists and other supporters for the early evening rally. Also, school students who haven't walked out earlier in the day can get along.

I'll update this if I get any more details.


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