Wednesday, 1 December 2010

9 December is D Day for students - and the whole anti-cuts movement

Next Thursday (9 December) is the day the House of Commons debates, and votes on, the ConDem government's plans for massive higher education funding cuts and higher tuition fees. There will be a huge national demonstration, backed by NUS and UCU, and march on Parliament.

See Facebook page for the national demo.

Coalition of Resistance agreed - at Saturday's founding national conference - to support all national and local protests on the students' Demonstration Day. Everyone, not just students, should participate in or promote the protests. Next Thursday will be massive. It needs to be.

Our local (Tyne and Wear) Coalition of Resistance group is urging all supporters to either attend the national demo or, if they can't do that, take part in local protests on the day. We expect the local students' unions and/or UCU union branches to put on transport to London. This is likely to be happening across the country.

There will also be local walkouts and protests in most places. There needs to be loads of active support for the school, college and uni students, from trade unionists and everyone who wants to resist cuts. We can make this a big, united day of mass protest and a breakthrough for the whole anti-cuts movement.

The demonstrations will build on the extraordinary movement that has developed in the last 3 weeks, from the big national demo on 10 November through the myriad local protests - especially the co-ordinated days of action last Wednesday and yesterday - to the inspiring wave of student occupations.

This isn't just a protest movement, but a movement that can win. The Lib Dems are in utter disarray, with Clegg and Cable failing to deliver any kind of coherent message about how they (and their colleagues) intend to vote. It's telling, too, that moderate NUS president Aaron Porter is now supportive of direct action and occupations - this is a symptom of massive grassroots pressure.

Next Thursday can turn the tide in building resistance to this government: demo day for us, doomsday for them. Let's make it happen.


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