Friday, 5 November 2010

If you only go to one conference in the next 12 months...

Coalition of Resistance national conference

Saturday 27 November, 10am-5pm  Camden Centre, London

This is via a Coalition of Resistance circular:

'Already several hundred people have registered for the conference. If you have and have not yet heard back from us please don't worry. We will be sending out tickets and a full programme of sessions in the next week.

We have had to book further space for the conference and have obtained three large halls within 100 metres of the Camden Centre for workshops and forum sessions.

Apart from the opening and closing plenaries, sessions will include:

Organising against the cuts locally
Defending the Welfare State
States of Inequalities
Mobilising in the unions
Analysis of the crisis
Debate on our alternatives
What should political representatives do?
What future for education?
Cultures of Resistance
Youth and students
Women and the crisis

Confirmed speakers include: Billy Bragg, Caroline Lucas MP, Tony Benn, Paul Mackney, Bob Crow, Dr Jacky Davis, Professor Colin Leys, Dot Gibson, Zita Holborne, Ozlem Onaran, Derek Wall, Lindsey German, Chris Baugh, Laurie Penny, John Hilary, Lowkey and many others.

There will be speakers from local anti-cuts groups from around the country. The National Secretary of the French railway unions will report on the recent strike wave there. And there will be a fraternal speaker from the People's Charter.

The conference will discuss a plan of action and will elect a national steering committee.

Please register for the conference. You can either do this online using paypal or by printing off the form and sending it to our office with a cheque [address below].

Donations are very welcome and there is a paypal facility on the website to make donations or send a cheque made out to 'Coalition of Resistance' direct to our address.

The conference is costing many thousands of pounds to put on and we are keeping the registration fees as low as possible to allow maximum attendance.

We need volunteers to help cover the forthcoming student and Stop the War marches. Please contact Sam on 07872481769 if you can help.

There will be a small number of stalls for movement organisations at the conference and these will be £75 each. The stalls will have to be booked and paid for in advance.

Coalition of Resistance badges and t-shirts are now available and will on the website soon.

Please circulate this bulletin throughout the labour and trade union movement.

Andrew Burgin
07939 242229

Coalition of Resistance
Housmans Bookshop
5 Caledonian Road
London N1 9DX'


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