Saturday, 7 August 2010

Help shape the new coalition of resistance

The Sauce reports some extremely hopeful news:

'A deluge of support has poured into the Coalition of Resistance office just days after the new anti-cuts campaign group launched with a public statement signed by Tony Benn and 73 fellow signatories.

A temporary website thrown up hours before the initiative went live received almost 20,000 hits in the first three days alone with thousands of people emailing to sign the initial statement and to offer support. A total of 1,330 people have already expressed support for the statement on Facebook.

The anti-cuts and privatisation campaign has been totally overwhelmed by people wanting to sign up, with seasoned campaigners involved in high profile national campaigns describing the level of interest as “unprecedented”.

See HERE for the rest of the article. Also see the very interactive (interim) Coalition of Resistance site, where you can comment on the statement, offer your skills, or make suggestions relating the 27 November organising conference or practical activities.

Image courtesy of Vicky, who offered it to the campaign via the Facebook page.


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