Saturday, 7 August 2010

Dodgy media stereotypes... and more

Luna17 recommends:

1. Christian Patterson is an utter prick... (The Third Estate)

2. Sherlock and wily orientals (Madam Miaow)

3.  Tabloid hacks: as sophisticated as my 11 year old cousin? (Five Chinese Crackers)

4. Why I changed my mind over the burkha debate (Liberal Conspiracy)

5. The time to organise resistance is now (Tony Benn and 73 others at Comment is Free)

6. CoR blimey! New Coalition of Resistance anti-cuts campaigns deluged with supporters (The Sauce)

7. Only a socialist vision can defeat the cuts (Andrew Fisher at New Left Project)

8. Cuts Watch: The consequences of Mr Osborne (Left Foot Forward)

9. Family Annihilation: Debt, Depression and the Fragile Family (Louise Harrison at Counterfire)

10. How Labour can win again (A Very Public Sociologist)


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