Friday, 6 August 2010

A sane, sober and sensible comment in the shitfest of sectarian silliness

Several leftish blogs have either re-published the 'Coalition of Resistance' statement from Tony Benn and 73 other initial signatories - as I did on Wednesday - or responded to it critically. In among the silly sectarian remarks on the comments thread at Socialist Unity, where the statement is re-posted, there are a few refreshingly sensible comments including this one from a member of Green Left, which I think deserves re-posting:

'As one of the signatories, representing Green Left, I can assure posters here, as I have been on the organising committee for several weeks, that there is no sectarianism at work. Indeed it is refreshing how open and democratic the steering grop has been with a great deal of consensus and openness to accepting amendments etc.

We are also adamant that all campaigns against the cuts are welcome not only to sign the statement but also to attend the conference. We are really trying to get beyond the stale sectarian barriers that so many on the Left in this country are sick and tired of.

There is too much at stake now for posturing and pouting - millions face poverty and unemployment snd some of the most vulnerable are going to be picked off first, such as the disabled and pensioners.

We totally hope that the TUC will come on board and we are aiming to have a day of action and a meeting on September 29th which is the Day of Action across Europe called for by the European TUC and also the day of the Spanish general strike. We are also adamant that this campaign will retain its international aspect.

This is no top down initiative - it is an attempt to build a genuine broad based coalition on the Left.'

See the Facebook page and website for more.

Email to add your name in support (I gather several hundred people have already done so).

The Organising Conference is on 27 November 2010 (10am-5pm), at Camden Centre, Town Hall, London, WC1H 9JE. See the website for details.


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