Friday, 19 March 2010

Tumultuous times: John Rees on the last ten years

Here's an excellent political survey of the last ten years, written and presented by John Rees, first broadcast on the Islam Channel. I recommend reading Chris Nineham's Anti-capitalism: ten years after Seattle, which complements the film, especially if you want to trace the opposition to those dominating global politics over the past decade, from the demonstrations in Seattle to the climate mobilisations in Copenhagen.

This is one of a series of Timeline films. There's more to come, but for now you can see:

Timeline: Afghanistan
Timeline: Palestine
Timeline: Obama and US power
Timeline: The Iraq inquiry

I'm chair of Tyneside Palestine Solidarity Campaign and last November we had an evening in an independent cinema, using the Palestine Timeline and the Road to Gaza film as the basis for discussion. The success of this event suggested the films can be an engaging alternative to having a guest speaker give a talk. Hopefully the other editions can also stimulate good discussions.

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