Friday, 19 March 2010

Birthday blog post: revolutionaries today

Luna17 is one year old today. I started the blog on 19 March 2009 as a means of promoting the ideas and the kinds of activism I consider important. Throughout the last year I've sought to give it a clear orientation on 'offline' campaigning, which reflects my own political activism. While I only occasionally blog directly about my own activities, I often use this blog as a platform for promoting particular events and campaigns.

My initial impetus was that I knew of no left-wing blogs in the North East of England. I intended to plug that gap, but I quickly dropped the idea of devoting lots of space to local events and issues. This was mainly because I realised that most people checking out Luna17 weren't local, so I'd be limiting its reach if I preoccupied myself with local material.

I make a point of posting a wide range of material, in terms of the topics covered but also the kind of material: news reports, commentaries, videos, links to others, the occasional theoretical piece. For this birthday posting, I thought I'd select a small number of my more analytical writings. The common theme is the revolutionary tradition and socialist strategy.

The revolutionary tradition: standing on the shoulders of giants

Tweeting Trotsky

Revolutionary leadership and democracy

The future of the revolutionary party

Lenin, Lukacs and the actuality of the revolution

Note: The first post is from my temporary blog, compiled last summer, devoted to Tony Cliff.


  1. Congrats, Alex. Your blog has been consistently excellent and engaged - which is always a tricky move to pull. Here's to another year!

  2. Thanks, Dave and Phil. Time is warped - I really can't believe it's only a year, as it feels like I've been churning out this stuff for ages!