Friday, 19 March 2010

Luna17 recommends...

1. Life and Style takes gender policing to new level (Feministing)

2. Hooters, shooters and w#nkers (Liam Macuaid)

3. Gove's fantasies about the Labour-union link (Jim Jepps)

4. How a protest should be (Penny Red)

5. Higher education and the new philistines (Priyamvada Gopal at New Left Project)

6. China - Obama's dangerous game (Kate Hudson at Counterfire)

7. Industry finally realises: pirates are cool (Scottish Socialist Youth)

8. Teamsters and Unite up their game? (Though Cowards Flinch)

9. Assault with a deadly weapon (Splintered Sunrise)

10. Labour, the trade unions and an old Jewish joke (The Third Estate)

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