Sunday, 3 January 2010

Long Live Palestine

Al Jazeera has a very informative update, posted earlier this afternoon, on the progress of both the 1300-strong Gaza Freedom March (GFM) contingent and the Viva Palestina aid convoy. See HERE for more.

It is a year today since 50,000 people took to the streets of central London, at extremely short notice, protesting at the Israeli bombardment of Gaza. A week later there was an even larger mobilisation, of over 100,000, in the biggest pro-Palestinian demonstration this country's ever seen. As the GFM and Viva Palestina activists remind us, Gaza is still a humanitarian and political issue - the movement to end Israel's blockade of Gaza is as necessary as ever.

Also see my recent posts on Palestine: Protestors at Israeli Embassy, Activists seeking to break the siege of Gaza, and Protest at Egyptian Embassy.

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  1. Thanks for the superb Lowkey link. At Philosophy Football we've been working for the past two or three years on events which mix ideas and entertainment. Theres a degree of cross-over with the Mutiny initiative in the sense that we both share a disaffection with the culture of the pre-existing left. A culture that privileges the spoken word at the expense of almost any other form of communicating ideas.

    We've worked with a whole range of young poets. Including Kate Tempest, Polar Bear, Shane Solanki, Laura Dockrill, Luke Wright, the Decypher Collective. We'll certainly be working with LowKey after that superb link, ta for that.

    This blog has run some great stuff on the kind of web communications the outside left needs. But this must not be at the expense of subverting the current alienation that the way left communicates person-to-person too. Its something, wjatever our tradition, we should be able to work on togther united by our disaffection.

    Mark P