Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Activists seeking to break the siege of Gaza

Viva Palestina organisers are still hopeful the aid convoy will reach Gaza, despite the Egyptian authorities' refusal to allow access through the Rafah crossing (the only means of access to Gaza that doesn't rely on Israel). Hundreds of activists are currently in Syria with the convoy of medical and humanitarian aid, hoping to break the Israel siege of Gaza. The video report below is from a few days ago. The latest update, from last night, reports:

'Following a mammoth fourteen hour day on the road, the convoy has returned to Damascus where it will be spending the night. It has covered more than half of the distance to the port of Latakia, where it will begin its ferry ride to Egypt.'

The plan, according to Viva Palestina's website, is 'to load the cargo on to a ship at the Mediterranean port of Latakia, bound for El Arish in Egypt, where Egypt receives aid to Gaza.'

The Gaza Freedom March campaigners have also had difficulties with the Egyptian state, but seem to making progress. There's a good report from one of the activists HERE. It's also worth reading the report HERE, from Electronic Intifada.

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