Monday, 4 January 2010

'Every time Bono sings, another angel rips off its wings'

Who says tweeting is pointless? Who says you can't be profound in only 140 characters? Thanks to the Twitterati, we now have a rather wonderful collection of 'facts' about U2's frontman. These have all been tweeted today with the tag 'bonofacts' - there are more, but these are my favourites.

The trigger for this backlash, by the way, is THIS.

Every time Bono sings, another angel rips off its wings.

"Me2" was Bono's original suggestion for the band's name.

Bono fell off the stage because he got too close to The Edge.

Bono's sunglasses are crafted entirely from his own smugness and Ethiopian children's tears.

Even Bono thinks he's a prick.

By holding John Hume and David Trimble's hands aloft, Bono singlehandedly brought peace to Northern Ireland.

When Bono clicks his fingers three times, a child dies in Africa.

Bono thinks Gandhi was a lightweight underachiever.

When Bono pees rainbows appear in Ireland.

Bono wears those dark sunglasses to hide the soulless, money-hungry egomaniac behind them.

Children conceived to a Bono song are 12 times less likely to share their toys with others.

When Bono takes a break from being a total arse, he relaxes by being a complete dick.

Bono is just like us, he also can't remember the name of the drummer in U2.

Those aren't leather trousers that Bono wears, they are actually his legs.

When God prays, he prays to Bono.


  1. The sad thing is that they used to be good, with songs such as "Sunday Bloody Sunday", before they got too big and lost credibility. And it's probably not a good idea for politicians to take rock stars too seriously...

    The joke about the leather trousers actually being his legs is a bit scary!

    Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse did very funny impersonations of The Edge and Bono in skits in "Harry and Paul" on TV a couple of years ago. Not sure if the programmes are available anywhere, but worth a look if they are.

  2. There are a few on Twitter even weirder than the leather trousers!

    I think it's the sanctimonious moralism that has really wound up a lot of people. The latest comments from Bono are really just the trigger for a backlash that's been brewing some time.