Saturday, 12 September 2009

Photos: Harrow unites against fascist English Defence League

Jess Hurd's excellent photos from yesterday's glorious community uprising against the fascist EDL in Harrow are HERE.

You can see Guy Smallman's equally good photos of the protest HERE.

EDL's racist thugs now want to attack the Al-Quds Day demo in London tomorrow (Sunday). Anti-fascists are meeting in Trafalgar Square at 11.30am to show solidarity.

The remarkable turnout in Harrow shows why those on the left who say "we shouldn't chase after the EDL" are wrong. If large numbers of local people, whose community is under attack, can rise up and isolate these thugs, it is the duty of anti-fascists to offer them support and solidarity. We can't allow the fascists to take to the streets. This is the reality behind the BNP's phoney respectability: hatred, division and violence. The courageous and determined protestors in Harrow, mainly young and Muslim, show how it's done.

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