Friday, 11 September 2009

EDL thugs stopped in Harrow

A protest dominated by young Muslims stopped the fascist English Defence League targeting a new mosque for their race hate. An estimated 1000 people mobilised against the Nazis and racist hooligans, who were seeking to stir hatred of Muslim communities.

The militancy and determination of the Muslim protestors is inspiring. In recent years we've seen political participation by Muslims like never before, through mass involvement in the anti-war movement. The movement's united demonstrations have fed the confidence among young Muslims that enables them to defy the EDL thugs.

This confidence was shaken by the July 2005 London bombings and the media and political backlash that followed. But the Gaza protests earlier this year decisively swept away that caution and fear, putting a renewed sense of political assertiveness in their place. This can be seen in mobilisations against fascists and will be displayed - in greater numbers - in protests against the war in Afghanistan this autumn.

For an excellent report, from Lenin's Tomb, click HERE.

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