Saturday, 10 December 2011

Austerity vs Democracy

I recommend reading Neil Faulkner's EU Summit: the dictatorship of finance capital and Owen Jones' The EU treaty is a disaster for the left. I especially recommend them if you are attending Wednesday's 'Austerity vs Democracy' forum in Newcastle (see below). Also, the current political crisis in Europe is a reminder of why we sorely need international co-ordination to stop the cuts, as I recently argued HERE.

Austerity vs Democracy: making sense of the crisis with James Meadway
Hosted by Counterfire - free entry - all welcome

Wednesday 14 December, 6.30-8pm
Settle Down Cafe, 61-62 Thornton Street, Newcastle, NE1 4AW

Facebook Event (RSVP by clicking on 'attending'):
A very brief introduction from James Meadway here:


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