Monday, 27 June 2011

TUC and anti-cuts groups to discuss co-ordinated protests

Read the Guardian's article here: 'Trade unions and anti-cuts campaigners plan summer or protest'

'Trade union leaders and anti-cuts campaigners are to hold talks on Tuesday to hammer out plans for a summer of industrial action and protest against the government's austerity programme.

Members of the direct action group UK Uncut and campaigners from the Coalition of Resistance are among those who have been invited to the TUC headquarters in London to meet the deputy general secretary, Frances O'Grady.

The move signals an increase in co-operation between the mainstream union movement and the wider – and often more radical – anti-cuts groups, and comes before a day of co-ordinated industrial action over public sector pensions on 30 June.

Andrew Burgin, from the Coalition of Resistance, said it was part of a drive to mobilise a broad opposition to the government's plans.

"We need to unite these unions who are prepared to take a lead with the anti-cuts movement campaigns and broaden it in that way – with the anti-cuts campaigns, the students and the unions. We must have real unity of all the anti-cuts campaigns."'


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