Thursday, 24 March 2011

NUT leader: budget reinforces why you should march on Saturday

A message from my union's general secretary:

Dear Colleague

This week's budget has done nothing to reverse the Government's cuts agenda. I encourage you all to join the historic TUC-organised March for the Alternative in London on Saturday 26 March. We are marching for education, for a good local school for every child and for our pensions.

Full details of the NUT assembly point on the Embankment can be found at where you can also access the TUC's website for the very latest news.

You can sign up to Twitter now at for updates on the march, as well as all the latest education developments. We will be keeping you up to date on twitter during the march itself.

The NUT deplores the Government's decision to endorse Lord Hutton's recommendations on cutting public sector pensions. We in the NUT say NO to the Government's plan for us to pay more, work longer and get less for our pensions.

The Chancellor's budget is not a budget for growth. There was no announcement of a reversal of the Government's public sector cuts. These include the abolition of EMA, cuts to post-16 funding and job losses across the education sector. It offers no comfort to the millions of public sector workers facing cuts to their pensions, redundancies and pay freezes. The Government's cuts are damaging growth and strangling economic recovery.

There is nothing in this budget to reassure teachers and other public sector workers that their future is safe in the Government's hands. This budget and the Government's cuts agenda is a far cry from 'we are all in this together'.

Please join me on 26 March. There will be no bigger day in the fight against unjustified cuts, so come along with your colleagues to join the thousands making their voices heard on Saturday.

With best wishes



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