Wednesday, 16 March 2011

26 March: why it matters that you join the demonstration

'Not only do we see a weak and divided coalition government but we see also a government operating in a discredited political system trying to impose an agenda not fought for at a general election.

The health reforms were neither Tory nor Lib-Dem party policy. They appeared in no manifesto. No Lib-Dem MP was elected to raise tuition fees or scrap the EMA.

The TUC expect between 150,000 and 250,000 to march; we need to make sure that it is substantially larger then they expect. The Coalition of Resistance has produced 100,000 leaflets and thousands of posters advertising the march. On the day we shall be distributing 20,000 free Voices of Resistance' broadsheets with contributions from Tony Benn, Caroline Lucas, Len McCluskey and many others.

The size of the demonstration does matter. It will reveal the depth of the opposition to the policies of this government in a way no local or direct action event can. It will be the foundation for all our future anti-cuts work and as we have been inspired by the mass uprisings in other parts of the world we can inspire others with our demonstration on the 26th.'

From Andrew Burgin's article 'Protest on March 26th and take your place in history'


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