Thursday, 17 February 2011

T-shirt to raise funds for democracy groups in Egypt

"You are the generation that will overcome defeat" - Arab poet Nizar Qabbani

'For eighteen days so many of us were glued to the TV screens as a revolt unfolded that shook the Arab world, and beyond. When Mubarak finally resigned, Philosophy Football were inspired to produce a fundraising solidarity T-shirt by an article Tariq Ali wrote in the Guardian 

The article quotes one of the great Arab poets of the modern era, Nizar Qabbani. Writing in the aftermath of the 1967 six-day war and the coming to power in Egypt of the US-backed dictators, first Saddat, then Murbarak, the poem's prophecy was finaly fulfilled in 2011: "You are the Generation that will overcome defeat."

Philosophy Football's T- shirt is produced in association with the publishers Verso.
It will raise funds for Egypt's pro-democracy campaign groups. Groups already active in solidarity with Egypt, Stop the War and others, as well as Verso authors who know the protest movement very well (including Tariq Ali) will be asked to nominate recipients who will make the most effective use of the resources.
And generosity is rewarded with the offer of The Verso Book of Dissent at half-price, usual price £12.99, when bought with the shirt.'
Available from Philosophy Football

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