Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Egypt in revolt

"During the first week of the Hungarian Revolution, I could hardly close my eyes. I stayed up practically throughout the night, every night, listening to the radio."

Quite a few socialists, wherever they are in the world, will currently identify with Tony Cliff's recollection of 1956, though it's now more likely to be Twitter (or perhaps Al Jazeera) than the radio. Tens of thousands have protested in Cairo today, with many more demonstrating elsewhere in Egypt, inspired by the extraordinary example set by the people of Tunisia.

Here's a report from Hossam in Cairo:

'As I’m writing, there are tens of thousands of protesters in Tahrir Square, chanting against Mubarak.

The demonstrators are trying to storm the parliament, only to be met with teargas and water cannons. There are dozens who are injured. Twitter and Bambuser are blocked by the government. We are using proxies now to Tweet.

The protesters are chanting the same slogans as the Tunisians: الشعب يريد إسقاط الحكومة! The people want to overthrow the govt!

Protesters in Mahalla have taken down Mubarak’s poster in the Shawn Square.

I’m updating my Twitter now, after I broke the ban using a proxy. Follow my Twitter account

Protests continue in Mahalla, as I’m writing.'

Also see detailed coverage of today HERE


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