Saturday, 4 December 2010

You block our futures - we block your cities

Students in Greece show solidarity
This is from the Facebook Event for Thursday's protest at Grey's Monument in Newcastle. It will be assembling at midday - further details to be arranged at this meeting.

'Day X - Newcastle 9/12/10. Tuition Fee Vote: Shut Down Newcastle!

On the 9th of December MPs will vote on whether or not to burden our youth with debt and force kids out of further education by removing their EMA.

This is our big day. The day we have been waiting for. The day that decides whether we are burdened with unpayable debt or not.

This is the day where we stand up, hand in hand with hundreds of thousands of students from across the country and say 'We will not pay'.

Do you want to be saddled with debt? Do you want your children to think 'my mum/ dad did nothing on this important day'?

Stand with us, and together we will win. Invite ALL your friends, we need everyone in the North East to know about this! Trade unions who want to get involved/ support it, message me. Together we are stronger!'

Reports of previous local protests:
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