Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Tony Blair to face Iraq inquiry again

On Saturday Wikileaks revealed a vast amount of fresh information about the realities of war and occupation. Against that background, Tony Blair is called to re-appear at the official inquiry into the war. This is via a Stop the War circular:

'Stop the War Coalition is pleased to hear that Tony Blair is being summoned again to appear at the Iraq war inquiry to account for "conflicting statements" -- better known to the rest of us as lies - when he first appeared.

Stop the War will call a demonstration outside the inquiry when Blair appears -- as we did on his last appearance  - to give voice to the majority in this country who opposed his illegal war and which now believes he should be indicted for war crimes.

Blair's last appearance at the inquiry was a fiasco, with the committee seemingly unwilling or unable to challenge his most damaging admissions, deceptions and lies.

It must do better this time, or else confirm the widely held view that it was selected by Gordon Brown when he was prime minister, not to expose the truth of the Iraq war - as this week Wikileaks revelations did so graphically - but to deliver a whitewash which lets war criminals like Blair off the hook.'

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