Saturday, 14 August 2010

New left-wing daily newspaper launched (sort of)

Yes, it's HERE.

With the aid of some rather ingenious techno-wizardry, it's now possible to have your own personal daily online newspaper. It updates automatically every day, thanks to a Twitter feed (the 25 tweeters this account is following are responsible for the content). Ignore the adverts and I hope you agree it's rather good.

If you want my daily digest in your email inbox every day (and, really, why wouldn't you?) just click on the 'Alert' button and put in your email address.

Brendan at The Sauce alerted me to it - see his short piece on the subject for more.

On the topic of new online media developments, I've started a blog for Tyne and Wear PSC (of which I'm Chair) this week. It will be a resource for any local supporters of justice for Palestine.


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