Friday, 13 August 2010

David Mitchell: yes to democratic centralism, no to autonomism

Comedian David Mitchell provides a withering and perceptive critique of autonomist practices - and implicitly defends the Leninist model of democratic centralism - in this excellent short video (that is what he's getting at, isn't it?):

"What I'm complaining about is precisely that I'm not told no. What tends to happen instead is a tortuous, touch-feely discussion about whether or not we all feel that's the best way forward.

Once we've established that we all don't, there's further painful inching towards a pretend consensus that the thing the person in the room with the most power thinks we should do is actually what we all think we should do'.

An apt reminder of why proper democratic accountability, as found in democratic centralist organisations, is preferable to loose 'consensus-building' and the tyranny of structurelessness. For further insight into the limits of autonomism, see my review of John Holloway's book 'Crack Capitalism'.


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