Monday, 19 July 2010

Gary Younge: how the Left can re-frame the cuts debate

There's an excellent piece by Gary Younge at Comment is Free:

'The furore over the cancellation of school building projects – a scintilla of the carnage to come – shows that approval for the cuts will fall once they start to take effect. But the nature of government opposition will be shaped by whom people hold responsible for the situation and what options they understand.

It was not those with low-paid final salary pensions who got us here, but those raking in multimillion dollar bonuses. The wealthy created this crisis, and now the coalition is making ordinary working people pay for it by playing politics with the livelihoods of millions.

These are cuts of choice from a government we didn't choose. A softer landing is possible; a crash landing is imminent.'

Here in the North East we'll be discussing these issues, and plotting the way ahead, on Wednesday. See HERE for more - please join us.


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