Friday, 25 June 2010

Age of austerity

The budget dominates this week's round-up (see further down the list if you fancy a change). Luna17 recommends:

1. Budget: Osborne declares war on welfare state (James Meadway at Counterfire)

2. IFS: budget was regressive (Left Foot Forward)

3. VAT rise as LibDems aid Tory attack on the poorest (Madam Miaow)

4. Tories' manifesto for class war (A Very Public Sociologist)

5. The real cost of this miserable draconian budget (Harpymarx)

6. The gendered impact of the emergency Budget (The F Word)

7. Who are we? (Jim Jepps)

8. Shell Shock and Awe (Solomon's Mindfield)

9. We are the fifth estate (Penny Red)

10. Beguiled by the Lit and Phil (Lynsey Hanley at Comment is Free)


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