Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Mutiny: new event announced

This comes via The Sauce:

Rupert Murdoch and his fellow media barons will be put on trial at the next Mutiny event at the Resistance Gallery in London's Bethnal Green - which is taking place from 6pm on July 21.

The media played an opportunist and pernicious role in the election - as discussed at Democracy on Trial - by first attacking Nick Clegg because it had little power over him and then lauding him when the coalition government was formed.

Now the tabloid press has become the chief cheerleader as the Conservative led government outlines more than £6 billion in cuts in public services - insisting that paying back the national debt right now is the only option for this country.

The newspapers are acting only in the interest of a few select men - their owners. With a few exceptions the British print media is in the hands of five private owners while broadcast organisations are riddled with patronage and nepotism.

Perform, speak, attend...

So how did this come to pass? Can we blame Margaret Thatcher and her decision to force the monopolies commission to allow Murdoch to own four national titles? Or is the media's role more structural - part of a civic society wedded to power?

A host of journalists from around the world have already been invited to Mutiny. Now we need activists, artists, authors and academics - in fact anyone with a view on the British media - to join the mutiny!

If you would like to perform, speak, attend, submit art, design, photography or film email or attend today's Mutiny organising meeting at 7pm in the bar of the Institute of Education near Russell Square in London (probably on the roof).


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