Friday, 21 May 2010

Heresies, hopes and shock therapies

1. The heresy of the Greeks offers hope (John Pilger at New Statesman)

2. Ralph Miliband for Labour Leader (The Third Estate)

3. Panorama: The Cuts - How to Fight Back (Elly Badcock at Counterfire)

4. A campaign to avoid 'Shock Doctrine' for the UK (Adam Ramsay at Liberal Conspiracy)

5. I Am Love (The Sauce)

6. Outcry over abortion adverts is about power (Laurie Penny at Comment is Free)

7. The Elephant in the Room (Ewan McLennan at New Left Project)

8. Kids in jail: another Lib Dem sellout (Scottish Socialist Youth)

9. Diane Abbott for Leader? (A Very Public Sociologist)

10. Flashmob for hotel workers (Harpymarx)


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