Saturday, 22 May 2010

Can't Pay Won't Pay: protest in Newcastle

I'm involved in organising this protest on Wednesday - hopefully it can be the start of something big!

'Tyne and Wear Left Unity has called on activists, trade unionists and all those who oppose the proposed ConDem cuts and attacks on public services to support and build a joint mass campaign.

This call has now been supported by Newcastle Free Education Network and by North East Shop Stewards’ Network (NESSN). At an NESSN meeting of over 60 people on Thursday night Bob Crow, general secretary of RMT, supported a call to build a mass campaign of trade unions and community groups against the cuts, similar to the poll tax protests.

There will be a mass protest in Newcastle on emergency budget day (22 June), but we want to kick-start the campaign with a protest next Wednesday (26 May).

See We won't pay for crisis, we won't take your cuts! on Facebook.

Join us at Grey’s Monument in Newcastle at 5pm. Please get your union or campaign to support us and send a speaker, and please circulate this far and wide among your networks.'


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