Saturday, 24 April 2010

A feminist manifesto for the 21st century... and more red reads

This isn't comprehensive, but I thought I'd choose 5 of the topics being discussed at next weekend's Counterforum and indicate some related reading I'd recommend. Dive in.

Women's liberation today: Feminism: a 21st century manifesto (Lindsey German), Capitalism, consumerism and feminism (Nina Power) and Recommit to women's liberation (Lindsey German and Nina Power)

The shape of the crisis: Marxism and the crisis: a strategy for the left (John Rees)

Islamophobia, racism and fascism: Debating the English Defence League (James Meadway)

Gramsci and hegemony: Gramsci, hegemony and the united front (Chris Nineham)

The left and the movements: Anti-capitalism ten years after Seattle (Chris Nineham)

Speakers at Counterforum on 2-3 May include Lorenzo Corretti, Lindsey German, Elaine Graham Leigh, Shamiul Joarder, James Meadway, Chris Nineham, Nina Power, John Rees, Clare Solomon and Peter D Thomas.

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