Saturday, 30 January 2010

Iraq Inquiry: protests at Blair's appearance

Harpymarx has a good photo report of yesterday's protests at the Chilcot Inquiry in London - Stop the War organised a series of protests and events to remind the world of the popular opposition to Tony Blair's warmongering. George Galloway, Rose Gentle and others have provided assessments of Blair's testimony inside the inquiry for the The Guardian.

Locally we had 30-40 people protesting in the centre of Newcastle, with Tyneside Stop the War activists reading the names of some of those killed in Iraq. We also shared lots of 'questions for Blair', some from the People's Dossier and others provided by local supporters. I had the dubious honour of wearing the Tony Blair mask while a fellow campaigner donned the George Bush one - there was also plenty of fake blood and DIY placards with slogans like 'See you in the Hague, Tony' and 'Blair, how do you sleep at night?'

Our next step is a public meeting at Newcastle University, with Lindsey German (convenor of Stop the War) joined by Peter Brierley, whose soldier son Shaun died in Iraq. Mahmoud Kurdi, local activist recently returned from the Viva Palestina mission to Gaza, will also be on the platform.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine: can we end the wars and occupations?
Organised by Tyneside Stop the War
Speakers: Lindsey German, Peter Brierley, Mahmoud Kurdi
Wednesday 10 February, 7pm
Bedson Teaching Centre, Newcastle University

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