Thursday, 10 December 2009

Copenhagen summit: global movement on the streets

Leftwing Labour MP John McDonnell made an eloquent anti-capitalist speech on Saturday, as part of the demonstrations in London demanding action on climate change. Campaign Against Climate Change, who organised the rally addressed by McDonnell, reported: 'We had a loud and lively crowd taking radical demands for UK action to the biggest demonstration on climate change this country has ever seen. We had a great day hearing rousing speeches, excellent music by Sieze the Day and joining in the 50,000 strong blue Wave march to Parliament organised by Stop Climate Chaos.'

Videos of the speeches can be seen HERE. As the organisers record: 'John McDonnell MP, who has signed our EDM 189 outlining our climate emergency demands, championed the active opposition in his constituency to the proposed expansion at Heathrow, while Simon Hughes MP spoke of the link between the climate and economic crises. Bolivian Ambassador Maria Souviron gave a voice to the global south and declared the UKs responsibility and moral obligation to lead the way in climate action. Chris Baugh represented the links between the environmental and labour movement in our call for green jobs, while Ellie Hopkins celebrated the growing youth climate movement. Seize the Day opened up the rally with a fantastic set of their inspiring songs getting everyone in the mood for a day of action.'

An estimated 50,000 people took part in the Stop Climate Chaos London demonstrations, with at least 8000 marching in Glasgow. There were also sizeable protests in places like Brussels, Paris and Berlin, but internationally it's this Saturday - the global day of action - that will be really significant. The mass protests in Copenhagen itself will be complemented by demonstrations in many different countries. There are 'events all around the world with 10,000 expected in ‘Walks against Warming’ in Australia, up to 50,000 expected on the streets of New Delhi, 20,000 at a concert in Utrecht and a host of other events from Dakar to Djakarta and from Buenos Aires to Istanbul.'

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