Saturday, 31 October 2009

Obama, US imperialism and the future of Palestine

John Rees, author of the excellent book 'Imperialism and Resistance', spoke recently at Queen Mary University, one of the 35 colleges and universities where there was an occupation earlier this year in solidarity with Gaza. Stop the War and PSC student activists in many places are finding that Palestine continues to be a major political issue for students. I spoke at a similar meeting at Newcastle University on Tuesday, attended by 45 people.

Palestine is linked, of course, to wider geopolitical issues: as Rees says in this video, "Palestine necessarily, and always has been, bound up with wider questions of war and peace in the Middle East; perhaps at no time so completely as since the Bush administration came to power, since the inauguration of the 'war on terror', since the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq". It continues to be a priority for anti-imperialists.

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