Friday, 30 October 2009

Clare Glenton: why Joe is right in refusing to fight

Clare Glenton, whose husband Joe is courageously defying military orders by refusing to fight in Afghanistan, will be speaking at a Stop the War meeting in Sunderland. I went to a planning meeting of 20 people in Sunderland last night to both help organise the event and relaunch the long-dormant Sunderland Stop the War group. Like many cities and towns, it's one of those places that had lots of anti-war activity before - notably in 2003, around the invasion of Iraq. There's now the potential, with growing public opposition to the occupation in Afghanistan, for building the movement's strength.

Tuesday 10 November, 7pm
Afghanistan: why we should bring the the troops home
Bangladeshi Centre, Hendon, Sunderland
Organised by Sunderland Stop the War Coalition

See the Facebook Event.

Read Clare Glenton's story HERE.

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