Thursday, 3 September 2009

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Total Politics has published the results of a poll to establish the 100 most popular 'left of centre' blogs. Controversy has erupted at the omission of Luna17 from the list. OK, maybe it hasn't, but I'm consoling myself with the thought that I'd perhaps rather not be in the company of Alastair Campbell and Harry's Place. Let's just say that 'left of centre' is defined rather broadly.

I've been through the long list and compiled a very short list of just five personal favourites. These are all - in my humble opinion - well worth checking out, as well as being at the more left-wing end of the spectrum covered by this poll. I've included their Total Politics ranking in brackets.

A Very Public Sociologist (12)
Third Estate (14)
Penny Red (27)
HarpyMarx (37)
Lenin's Tomb (42)

Sticking with the subject of blogging, I'll just mention that I've now completed my summer project of collating a special archive blog dedicated to Tony Cliff, revolutionary socialist and founder member of the Socialist Workers Party. You can dive in HERE.

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