Sunday, 30 August 2009

'Old wine in new bottles': sexist sushi, racist restaurants

The 'at least our brownie won't eat your dog' advert from New Zealand plays on racist prejudices about the alleged uncivilised habits of Maoris and Pacific peoples. It is shocking to see such backward, old-fashioned nonsense like this in the 21st century. The advertisers - for a pizza outlet - attempt to get away with it, however, by presenting it as mischievously 'ironic', a knowing reference to stereotypes.

Read about the campaign against this racist advertising HERE.

Something similar is true with the extraordinary new plans for a posh Japanese restaurant in London, offering diners the chance to eat off the body of a naked woman. This is part of a supposed post-modern cool, with those objecting branded as 'humourless' or retrograde. In reality it is utterly degrading in how it treats and represents women, while reinforcing the most reactionary ideas about gender and power. Old bigotries are repackaged so they're more palatable, but they are no less obnoxious.

Read Tansy Hoskins' critique of this 'new sexism' HERE.

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  1. I agree. This is an extremely demeaning and sexist practice.