Saturday, 6 June 2009

Globalise Resistance

One small but pleasing development this week was the launch of a Facebook group for Globalise Resistance, the anti-capitalist network that has been dormant for some time, but which played an exception role in developing anti-capitalist activism in this country a few years ago. A GR renaissance is clearly urgently needed, as the system goes into meltdown and a revival of radical, militant protest seems more and more likely.

Between its launch in 2000, in the wake of the historic Seattle WTO demonstrations, and the middle of this decade it forged links between street protests and the union movement, brought chunks of the social justice movement into launching and steering the mass anti-war movement after September 2001, and organised some fantastic mobilisations to the great international demonstrations. And as a bonus it established new standards in graphic design on the British Left!

The distinctive orange flags became an extremely familiar sight on protests over all sorts of issues, and the role GR played in connecting some very disparate issues (and groups of people) should not be underestimated. It organised some impressive protests and conferences in this country, which brought together the best writers, activists, academics and cultural figures from here and abroad.

Now is surely perfect timing for a rediscovery of its radicalism and energy, its capacity to be simultaneously broad in appeal and radical in politics. Time to dig out the old flags...


  1. BRILLIANT - It is after all GR that got some of us in the fighting spirit. As you say, we need anti-capitalism activism now more than ever. I am an internationalist by birthright and happen by sheer luck to have a world of experience in international politics.

  2. I have some happy memories of GR too. However, I was supposed to go to the great Genoa demonstrations and had to miss out when the specially-hired GR train was cancelled due to zealous authorities' overreaction. It was put back on, but too late for me to get down from Newcastle. The report back meeting was bittersweet!