Friday, 1 May 2009

Victory at Visteon

Socialist Worker reports here on a significant victory by Visteon workers at Basildon, Enfield and Belfast. The result is extremely impressive - and can only by explained by the workers' willingness to take decisive and militant action in defence of their jobs. They put workplace occupations firmly back on the agenda and aroused a great deal of support and solidarity.

The timing is perfect: May Day, international day of workers' solidarity, has inadvertently become the occasion for a breakthrough for our labour movement. It shows that massive multinationals like Ford are not - as neoliberalism's apologists claim - invincible. Workers' struggles can still achieve what pleading and polite lobbying never can.

In the last week we've also seen victory for Dundee's Prisme workers and the announcment of two important events: the 'Fight for the Right to Work' conference on 13 June, and a mass protest for jobs at Labour Conference on 27 Sept. Combined with the continuing movement of protest over Palestine, war and occupation, which will mobilise on the streets again in a fortnight, it's obvious things are shaping up.

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