Sunday, 31 May 2009

Is France on the verge of another May '68?

It's worth checking out this piece by Andrew Hussey, long-time commentator on French politics, in the New Statesman. He examines the prospects for another 1968-style upheaval in France, plus there's a useful round-up of Europe's radical left ('Left of the Left'). Hussey writes: 'I have never seen anything quite like the anger that has been building up during demonstrations over the past few months against the government of Nicolas Sarkozy.'

I am especially struck by the level of generalisation politically, the indications that people are linking their own specific struggles with something bigger: "we are sick of having no control over our lives", "we are degaraded as citizens". For socialists it is also very significant that the NPA, the recently-launched anti-capitalist party, is gaining such high approval in the country, especially amongst the young. It offers hope of the organised Left channelling the widespread anger and linking various struggles.

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