Friday 25 March 2011

Welfare not warfare: 30 billion reasons to march

Via Stop the War circular:

Cut warfare not welfare - anti-war/peace contingent 
STOP THE WAR, CND & BMI on the TUC anti-cuts demonstration


HMS President, Victoria Embankment (Near Blackfriars Bridge. MAP HERE:

'The TUC anti-cuts march on 26 March could be the largest in Britain since the two million strong Stop the War march against the Iraq war in 2003.

Stop the War, CND and BMI will have a combined anti-war / peace contingent on the march. Our slogans will be Cut warfare Not Welfare and Scrap Trident and we will be calling for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and an end to the intervention in Libya.

We will also be highlighting the cost of wars in Afghanistan and Libya in the context of draconian cuts in public services. We calculate that, if you combine the spending over the next four years on the Afghanistan war with the cost of maintaining the Trident missile system, you get a total of £30 billion -- which is one third of the total cuts the government is making in public services (for more details on the cost of war, including Libya, go to: )

The anti-war / peace contingent meets at Embankment by HM President (near Blackfriars bridge) at 11 am. Please join us if you can and bring your banners. If you would like to join our team of volunteers who will be distributing leaflets, placards etc, then please be at the same location at the earlier time of 9am.'

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