Friday, 12 September 2014

The Guardian's 7 reasons why Scotland should vote NO in the independence referendum

Radical Independence Campaign activists
Key points from the Guardian's editorial opposing Scottish independence:
1. Scottish nationalism is a bad thing. What's that you say? Did someone mention British nationalism? Sorry - we only recognise one kind of nationalism.
2. Alex Salmond is anti-English, but don't ask us for any evidence because then things might get awkward.
3. Yes, there are elements other than the SNP campaigning for independence, but they don't matter.
4. The Bank of England's governor says independence is a bad idea. So there.
5. Westminster can deliver social and economic justice... no, really... stop laughing!
6. It's bad that the SNP want to cut corporation tax, but let's not talk about how Westminster governments since 1979 have cut taxes on the rich and allowed inequality to grow.
7. We think independence should be rejected in favour of an elected second chamber and greater devolution, even though these things are not actually on offer (and, in any case, British democracy and political institutions are weak and deeply conservative).


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