Friday, 8 March 2013

A space for the left - donate to Firebox!

I've pledged a donation to the Firebox kickstarter project. Please check out the fundraising appeal and make a pledge too. See HERE for more.

'Launched in October 2012, Firebox is a fantastic new project in the heart of King's Cross, London. We provide a welcoming space where progressive movements,  local residents and left-leaning people can come together to learn about politics and organise campaigns.

Pop in for lunch and you'll discover second-hand books (on anything from the politics of disability to the history of trade unions), the opportunity to get involved in a range of campaigns, inspiring radical artwork and news of exciting weekly events.

Of course, you'll also get a delicious meal, with our constantly evolving menu reflecting our wonderfully diverse location. You can pick up everything from a Bengali omelette to a full English, with a iced Greek frappe or syrupy Turkish baklava along the way.

Time Out loved our 'radical chic', and veteran activist Tony Benn cut the ceremonial ribbon and opened our little cafe in October. Our doors are now open; but there's so much more for us to do.'


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