Monday, 23 April 2012

Greece solidarity event - NEWCASTLE on 26 April

I'll be at this on Thursday. It promises to be one of the best left-wing or anti-cuts meetings for some time in Newcastle. Here's the info from the facebook event:

Thursday 26 April, 7pm, at St John's Church hall, 30 Grainger Street, Newcastle (2 mins from Central Station)
Speakers: Despina Koutsoumba, Fotios Georgiadis, Paul Mackney  

Paul Mackney, former union general secretary, will be talking about austerity and resistance in Greece, following his recent visit to the country (as part of a trade union solidarity delegation). He will be joined by TWO visiting activists from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Civil Servants Union. This is one of just three speaking engagements during their brief UK visit - we are extremely pleased to be bringing them to Newcastle.

It is a time of economic crisis and political upheaval. The Eurozone crisis continues to unravel, France looks set to throw right-winger Sarkozy out of office, and left-wing parties are expected to win big votes in Greece's elections in early May. This is a chance to discuss the crisis, cuts and resistance - and what we can do here to make internationalism a reality.

This event is launching the GREEK SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN in the north east. This Coalition of Resistance event is supported by Newcastle TUC, Gateshead LG Unison Branch, Gateshead Health Unison Branch and the Labour Representation Committee.

"Greece is at the cutting edge of the austerity measures that are being introduced across Europe. All the evidence shows that while these measures may protect the interests of the rich, they just make matters worse for the majority of the population." -Tony Benn, President- Coalition of Resistance

St Johns Church Hall is wheelchair accessible and has an accessible toilet.


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